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Case Studies

The following cases are samples of our newest success stories:


This family living in Yerushayalim was in desperate need of a set of parent's beds with storage. A very kind donor like you allowed us to fill this family's need immediately.


For this family living in Telzion we made a set of pull out beds that sleep three children. The atmosphere in this home changed drastically for the good ... bedtime has now become a pleasure instead of a nightmare ... what a remarkable difference one chesed can accomplish.


In this home in Telzion, we were able to give the family a bedroom closet. Now instead of living out of boxes this family had a place to put their belongings.


This family in Meah Shearim with five children was given a set of bunk beds with three additional pullouts. Now there is a place for everyone to sleep comfortably in his own bed.

All this and more can only be done with the help of kind, caring people like yourselves.

Pending Cases at Birkas Rifka

An overview of some of our present cases

Urgent Cases

I would like to keep you up to date with our current caseload. I have included different and difficult situations that have reached us at Birkas Rifka recently. For each case Birkas Rifka has a solution that could help "turn things around". But only you and people like you can help Birkas Rifka assist these families.

There is a family with eight children. This poor family has only two beds in their home at this time. The mother sleeps in one bed while six children sleep squashed on the other bed. Can you just imagine the chaos at bedtime? The father sleeps on the floor with out even a mattress. The other two children sleep in a tiny crib. The size of this one room apartment is a total of twenty meters. This family desperately needs beds, kitchen cabinets and a closet.

We face a difficult case for a family of three living in Yerushayalim. They live in a small twenty meter apartment and the children are all squeezed into one sleeping area without any proper beds. One child is constantly being hospitalized due to a degenerative disorder the child has had from birth. In order to help improve this tragic situation we would like to deliver a set of beds with three pullouts as soon as possible to relive some of this poor family's desolation.

This poor family living in Beit Shemesh has eight children. Unfortunately, this brave couple was faced very heartbreaking situation over the last seven years. They had a child battle the yena machala and lose. After putting all their money into every available treatment they lost their precious child about six months ago. Then their married daughter's husband just disappeared one day and she was forced to move into this already overcrowded home. The home is in total disarray as there are no closets to store anything. This family desperately needs at least two closets. Only you can help turn their home into a more organized and happier place to live.

This next case situated in Yerushalayim is another sad scenario. There is a family with twelve children squeezed into 30 square meters. This room was split off to make a tiny bedroom for the parents and the children were left sleeping scattered around the apartment. Some children were sleeping under the stairwell leading up to the attic and some sleeping on the attic floor. Clothes and belongings were scattered all over the place leaving barely any room to walk. Birkas Rifka went in and was able to design a special closet five meters high which can be modified to a separate closet with the top then becoming kitchen cabinets. If this family ever needs to move they will still be able to benefit from this furniture that was built to meet their immediate needs. We also measured under the stairwell and up in the attic and were able to design special pullout beds to help the children have a proper place to sleep. This family needs your immediate help so we can deliver this furniture and ease their horrendous living conditions.

This young growing family with three children also desperately needs proper beds for their children to sleep in. Just try to imagine sleeping on a stone floor every night with no pillow or mattress. By helping these children have proper beds we can begin to change their whole world. You too can make a dream come true by assisting us in sending this family a bed with a pullout to sleep three.

The above examples are situations of which we are informed of each and everyday. The case load is constantly growing. Birkas Rifka would like to provide for all of the above cases and many more. Only with your kindess and generosity can we do these tremendous acts of chesed. By supporting the work of Birkas Rifka each and every person can have a chance to share in these acts of chesed.