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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Birkas Rifka founded?
Birkas Rifka was founded in 1990.

2. What is Birkas Rifka’s mission statement?
Birkas Rifka was founded to fulfill two goals:
a. To provide an apprenticeship program in a Torah environment in the field of carpentry and furniture building for qualified young men.
b. To build and install furniture such as beds, closets and bookcases for poor families living in Eretz Yisroel.

3. Where is Birkas Rifka located?
Birkas Rifka is located in Motza, in the foothills of Yerushalyaim.

4. Who founded Birkas Rifka?
Reb Yitzchok Kitay founded Birkas Rifka and he is the Director of this organization to this day.

5. Who funds Birkas Rifka?
Over the years Birkas Rifka has acquired and maintained contact with generous supporters of the organization. Birkas Rifka is grateful to this group who continue to contribute to Birkas Rifka so that it can reach its goals. In addition, well known Gabbai Tzedakkah in Yerushalayim contribute to Birkas Rifka as well.

6. Does Birkas Rifka welcome visitors to its carpentry workshop in Motza?
Yes. Simply call or e-mail and schedule a visit and the staff will be happy to give you a tour.

7. Who are the apprentices at Birkas Rifka?
Birkas Rifka reaches out to young men in Yeshiva, Olim, and Yotzei Tzava to teach them the art of carpentry in a Torah environment.

8. Does Birkas Rifka guarantee the furniture they create and install?
Yes, Birkas Rifka offers a lifetime guarantee.

9. Who qualifies the families that receive the furniture from Birkas Rifka?
Well-known Gabbai Tzedakkah of Yerushalayim qualify the indigent families for Birkas Rifka.

10. How can I contribute to Birkas Rifka?
You can mail your tax deductible donation to:
Friends of Birkas Rifka, 1340 Princeton Ave, Lakewood NJ 08701 or click here to donate online.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at any time.