Birkas Rifka - Sometimes Dreams DO Come True

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Birkas Rifka is an organization with exemplary vision and its long term goals are crucial for helping the poverty stricken.
Join us and help our dreams come true.

Teens Helping Teens

A unique opportunity for teens will be offered to inspire and encourage them to sponsor programs of Birkas Rifka, including: Build a Bed, Build a Closet, and Build a Bookcase.

Ma’aser Club

Bar Mitzvah boys will be given a chance to contribute their Ma’aser in a unique way. They will be encouraged to help Birkas Rifka build beds for destitute children that are currently sleeping on the floor.

Apprenticeship Program

Friends of Birkas Rifka will be encouraged to contribute to help increase the number of apprentices at Birkas Rifka including a designated Mashgiach to supervise and guide the spiritual growth of the apprentices.

Technological Advances

Friends of Birkas Rifka will be encouraged to contribute to the purchase of new carpentry machinery to improve and increase productivity in the workshop. Birkas Rifka will then be able to reach out to many more impoverished families.

New Campus/Worksite

Friends of Birkas Rifka enthused by our exceptional chesed work will be inspired to help the forthcoming move of Birkas Rifka to a new location. This will allow Birkas Rifka to accommodate an increased number of apprentices and to add essential equipment. This will also enable Birkas Rifka to add other trades to its apprenticeship and training programs – ex. Appliance repair, plumbing, electricity.