Birkas Rifka - Sometimes Dreams DO Come True

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Case Study #1

The vital and exemplary work of Birkas Rifka continues to help the destitute of Jerusalem by giving them a new start and hope. Birkas Rifka gives them not only practical tools for their home such as closets, a real kitchen, etc., but also brings to their home a feeling that they can succeed. Not only does Birkas Rifka help the poor of Jerusalem they also help Yungerlite and new olim who need a parnassah by teaching them the art of carpentry. The workshop is a place filled with Torah where work ethics are taught on the job .


The work of Birkas Rifka is endless. Each and everyday we receive urgent phone calls to help people who live in such unfortunate circumstances.

The demand of time and energy of the staff is non-stop. Each situation is so unique that the staff must create new ideas of how to support each family with dignity and respect.

One family may be happy to see our staff and feel very relieved that we have come to help.

The next family may be extremely embarrassed and unsure if we can really help.

It is a challenge to walk into each home and see how we can meet their needs. Very often we do not have the financial ability to build what they need and it makes our job even tougher.

We face so many different obstacles. There are times when an addition of just two closets is enough help for one family to organize the whole house. On the other hand, some homes need a complete overhaul as they do not even have a kitchen sink.

Sometimes the overcrowding of the children sleeping on the floor creates such havoc that the there is no room to walk.

You can help change all this. Just imagine how much joy you will feel from being a partner in helping to improve these poor people's dire straights.


LEARNING /APPRENTICE PROGRAM -this combination carried out by Birkas Rifka can be a saving grace for many young men.

The olim come to Israel and need a way to make ends meet. We reach out to help them also. We offer them training to learn a skill they can use for the rest of their lives.

We still face yet a another issue which is overwhelming Klal Yisrael !!!!

Some of our young men are having difficulties due to the enticement of the secular world. Many times these unsafe influences can infiltrate their hearts and souls.

Again Birkas Rifkas tries to reach out and help. We have set a program for the young men that offer an opportunity to work in a Torah environment and teaches them work ethics. They are treated with warmth and respect. By nurturing them with lots of love we slowly assist them to return to the ways of Hashem.