Birkas Rifka - Sometimes Dreams DO Come True

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An Apprentice's Story

Many young men have passed through the doors of Birkas Rifka and have greatly benefited. One young man in particular remains in the hearts and minds of the staff.

This troubled young man who had obvious limited social skills was at his wits end. He could not find a niche for himself anywhere in society. Birkas Rifka was his last hope. Maybe here he could find a way to untangle the mess his life had become. With hope in his heart he bravely knocked on the door and was warmly received by the staff of Birkas Rifka. He was invited to join in their program, to learn the skill of carpentry and apprentice with the staff in a Torah environment. He was overjoyed at the heartening reception he received.

Slowly but surely the person whose soul was locked inside his body began to attend shiurim, listen to Torah tapes and began to learn the art of carpentry. Birkas Rifka had the key to the door of this young man’s soul. He was slowly emerging into a socially confident and presentable young man.

After months at Birkas Rifka this young man felt like a totally different person. With his self-respect intact he was able to attain the social graces to enter a new world. This wonderful young man married and began working. He attributes his becoming a true menche to Birkas Rifka.

Words from an Apprentice

Birkas Rifka is a high level, in depth carpentry program. At the same time, it gave me a warm and nurturing Torah environment which allowed me to strive and grow in my Avodas Hashem. It was also gratifying to know that through my training, I was helping needy families and bringing them joy.
      - Mr. S., a carpenter trained at Birkas Rifka