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Success of the Apprentice Program

Birkas Rifka continues to meet success with its apprenticeship program. Its emphasis is on practical, personal and empowering education in the field of carpentry – all in a Torah environment. The hands-on experience at Birkas Rifka gives each apprentice the confidence he needs to pursue a career in carpentry. Every apprentice learns at his pace and everyone’s learning curve is respected. The variety of experiences and the exposure to a variety of tools and machinery prepares each apprentice for a career path in carpentry. Every apprentice learns the proper and safe use of tools and equipment. Every apprentice is given the opportunity to be part of the many phases of each project – from planning stage to completion stage. When they hear the level of satisfaction of the recipient they are encouraged to pursue their own career and look forward to hearing similar positive feedback.

Birkas Rifka is aware that apprentices who were trained in the program during the past years are now gainfully employed in the field of carpentry and supporting their families in the following places: Israel, England, New York, Lakewood, Baltimore, St. Louis and more.

Apprentices Succeed! Click here to read 18 brief success stories of Birkas Rifka apprentices. (PDF)

The success goes beyond the learning of carpentry skills. The Torah environment at Birkas Rifka also influences the apprentices. Birkas Rifka is aware that many of the apprentices are now head of Torah centric homes.

On a daily basis in the Torah environment at Birkas Rifka an apprentice can hear a Shiur, listen to Torah tapes, join a Siyum or hear a Mussar schmooze. There is also a feeling of camaraderie - a feeling of belonging. This helps each individual mature as a spiritual individual and an emotional being.

Birkas Rifka’s carpentry workshop has accommodated hundreds of homes of indigent families with:
    • Emphasis on use of quality materials for furniture
    • Custom design and production of long lasting products
    • Delivery, installation and lifetime maintenance of furniture
    • Evaluation for needed repair work
    • Emotional and spiritual support to the family members
    • Respect for the dignity of each recipient

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