Birkas Rifka - Sometimes Dreams DO Come True

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Words of the Rambam

שמונה מעלות יש בצדקה זו למעלה גדולה שאין למעלה ממנה,זה המחזיק ביד ישראל שמך ונותן לו מתנה או הלואה או עושה עמו שותפות או ממציא לו מלאכה כדי לחשק את ידו על שלא 'יצטרך לבריות לשאול וכו' רמביימ הל מתנה עניים פרק י הל' ז

"There are eight levels of Tzedaka, one greater than the next. The highest level is assisting another Jew, by giving him a gift or loan, entering into a partnership with him, or finding him work so that he won’t need to ask others to support him."
    -Rambam, laws of Giving Charity, Ch 10, Halacha

Rabbinical Endorsements

"The impact of an ever –expanding Birkas Rifka on Jewish life in Eretz Yisroel is inestimable both from an economic as well as religious standpoint. It is certainly a great mitzvah to support Birkas Rifka, and helping others to become self-supporting is the greatest form of Tzedaka according to the Rambam. It is my hope that this noble cause will merit your generous support, and in this zechus may HKB”H shower His choice blessings on you and your loved ones."
    - HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg,Rosh Yeshiva Torah Ore

"May the Almighty bless those who participate in this unique mitzvah with good health and good fortune."
    - Rav Aryeh Rotman Menahel Ruchani, Yeshiva Mercaz HaTorah

"It is a most important tzedaka which deserves your support."
    - Rabbi Jay Marcus

"I hereby express my blessing to the workshop situated near Jerusalem working for the holy city. Birkas Rifka has taken upon itself to aid needy families dwelling in Jerusalem ... I am certain that those who contribute will be blessed with many good things."
    - Rabbi Simcha Kook, Chief Rabbi of Rechovot

Letter from Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Dear Friends;
In January of 2008, I had the opportunity to visit Rabbi Yitzchok Kitay in Motza which is just outside Jerusalem. It was an eye opening experience. One drives up a steep hill to a shed, to Birkas Rifka, that is actually a carpentry workshop and factory where yungerleit and olim are gainfully employed in building remarkable furniture that is sturdy, appealing and reasonable. Beds, cabinets, and closets are all built with the most sophisticated equipment which insures high quality products.

Reb Dovid Leib Cohen and Rabbi Chaim Goldberg refer the indigent families to Birkas Rifka. As soon as the referral is sent to Birkas Rifka they go in to do an evaluation for each family’s needs. The products are made and installed in the homes of these destitute families in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.

The two fold blessing in Rabbi Kitay’s work is that it provides jobs for young men giving them a chance to learn a trade in a Torah environment and at the same time it provides desperately needed household items for families too poor to purchase them on their own.

The day I came to visit the workshop, there were numerous people who work at Birkas Rifka celebrating the completion of either a mesechta or seder in Mishnayos. On a typical day, the workers go about their jobs, and Torah tapes are playing in the background. (It’s nice to know they use some of my tapes as well). However what touched me more than anything else was the sign and the words of prayer that the workers declare at least once a day, and that is "Yehi Ratzon She’tishreh Brocha B’maaseh Yadaynu" (May it be the Will of Hashem, that blessing be bestowed on the work of our hands).

When workers are imbued with this attitude and work in this Torah atmosphere, they are worth being supported. I encourage all of you to help Rabbi Kitay in his avodas hakodesh. He is doing so much for so many.

Paysach Krohn